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Shared Owners cannot sublet or part with possession (allow somebody else to occupy) part of or the whole of their property, except in exceptional circumstances. You are also not permitted to use Airbnb or any other short term rental scheme. However, if you have staircased to 100% ownership of your property, you should be able to sublet. Newlon will need to be made aware of who will be living at the property, and as you are responsible for all repairs to the property and the behaviour of any tenants we need a relevant forwarding address and contact details.

Subletting is not the same as taking on a lodger because a lodger does not have the security of a tenancy. There are certain rules in place but if you follow them and let us, your mortgage lender and your insurers know that you intend to take on a lodger, there should not be a problem.

To apply you will need to complete an application to sublet form which be can be downloaded below.

For more information please email customerservice@newlon.org.uk or call 020 7613 8080.

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