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Getting involved

At Newlon we aim to provide excellent services – and would like our residents to help us do this. As a result we offer a range of informal and formal ways for you to get involved. These include:

  • One off involvement, such as filling in a survey or taking part in a community event where you live.
  • More formal ways, such as going to our residents forum or scrutiny panel.

In this section you can:

We offer rewards, such as vouchers, for taking part in our resident involvement opportunities. These currently range from £15 to £100.

To find out more email

Barnsbury Estate

Barnsbury Estate has many of its services run by the Barnsbury Estate Local Management Office (BELMO). This is a Tenant Managed Organisation that controls estate services such as repairs, maintenance and gardening. To function it needs residents to manage its services and oversee the people it employs, such as service contractors.

If you are a Barnsbury resident and wish to become more involved with BELMO then please contact the estate office on 020 7833 2525.

Community Services

Newlon has a Community Services team which runs a range of projects and activities to support Newlon residents and the areas where they live. We aim to build strong communities through this work. Contact for more information.

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