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Getting involved

Our goal in involving residents is to provide them with opportunities to meaningfully influence and shape the decisions we make about how we manage and look after their homes. We want to make the experience of residents getting involved with us as easy and effective as possible. Find out more about how to get involved by reading our Getting involved leaflet.

Engagement with residents is guided by our Resident Engagement Strategy, and aligns with sector trends and regulations, including the Social Housing White Paper and the Together with Tenants initiative.

Newlon residents can get involved in a variety of ways:

We work with residents and staff to implement meaningful actions and embed resident involvement across the organisation. We value the time that our residents take when they get involved and offer incentives, such as vouchers, for taking part in our resident involvement opportunities. These currently range from £30 to £100. We also offer flexibility for residents to get involved as well giving the opportunity for them to get to know other residents.

To find out more email getinvolved@newlon.org.uk.

Support for residents

Newlon runs a range of projects and activities to support Newlon residents and the areas where they live. We aim to build strong communities through this work. See the support for residents section of the website to learn more.