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Homeowners’ responsibilities

As a homeowner there are a number of issues and items for which you are responsible and others for which we are.

Newlon’s responsibilities

Our responsibilities are dependent on the type of lease you hold, but usually can be summarised as follows:

  • To keep the structure and exterior of your property in good repair, and maintain all common parts of the building or estate, unless the property is a house and you own 100% equity
  • To keep the property insured for full rebuild costs (excluding contents)
  • To keep proper accounts relating to service charges made for repairs, maintenance and insurance
  • To respect your right to quiet enjoyment of your property

The above is merely as a guideline summary. For full details, check your lease.

Your responsibilities

If you own or part-own a home, you are responsible for the repairs and maintenance for your property. You are also responsible for insuring the contents of your home. Your exact responsibilities depend on your lease, but most are standard and are as follows:

  • To pay service charges and ground rent promptly by Direct Debit, standing order or any other agreed method of payment
  • To maintain and repair all internal parts of your property
  • Tell us about any planning or other legal notices served that affect your building
  • Pay costs relating to any legal or other action that has been taken against you for breaching the terms of your lease
  • To allow us access to carry out necessary work to your property or the block it is in (reasonable notice will be given). If you have not kept up your repair obligations under your lease, we have the right to do the work and charge you for it
  • In certain circumstances you must also allow our contractors into your property if they need to carry out a repair to a neighbouring property
  • Not to sublet without consent
  • To provide carpets or other suitable floor coverings
  • Not to replace carpet with laminate or wooden flooring without seeking advice from us
  • Only park in designated car parking spaces
  • To dispose of rubbish properly in the bin chambers provided
  • Not to carry our alterations or improvements to your property without our written consent
  • To report any repairs needed to communal areas
  • Not to keep a dog, cat or other animal in your home without our written consent
  • Use the premises only as a private residence
  • Not to cause nuisance or annoyance to neighbours
  • To repay a discount, where applicable, when selling your property
  • Give up premises at end of term of the lease

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