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Making home improvements

If you are a leaseholder or Shared Owner and are planning on making improvements to your home then you should seek our permission, for the following reasons:

  • It allows us to make sure you are not breaking building regulations
  • It allows us to make sure you meet the requirements of our insurance policy
  • It is in your interest to let us know because if you want to buy any more shares in your home, we will ask the valuer to value improvements separately so you do not end up paying more for further shares in your home due to the increased value created by the improvements

We will usually agree to improvements being carried out to your home as long as:

  • The defects rectification period has ended
  • The work does not break any condition of your lease
  • The work is carried out by an appropriately qualified contractor
  • We have received a full schedule of the planned work and accompanying drawings
  • You have got planning permission where appropriate and have kept to building regulations
  • The structure of your home will not be endangered by the planned work
  • We can inspect the work either during the improvements or after they have been completed
  • The works are carried out during reasonable working hours

Our Shared Ownership properties are built with public funds, which need to be protected. For this reason you will need to follow our procedures and request our approval when you want to make changes to your property. Your solicitors or lenders will send enquiries to us which may relate to your rent, service charges, buildings insurance, cyclical works, ground rent, disputes and any requirements contained within your lease.

If you are planning to make improvements please contact the Service Centre on 020 7613 8080 or email customerservice@newlon.org.uk.