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Buying your home

There are currently two government initiatives which, in certain circumstances, may permit a Newlon resident to purchase their home at a discounted price – Right to Acquire and Preserved Right to Buy. Only a limited number of Newlon properties qualify for these schemes.

For more information please read the following leaflets:

If you want to express your interest to buy your home through either Right to Acquire or a Preserved Right to Buy, then fill in the online form.

Exceptions to Right to Acquire

You may be excluded from the Right to Acquire if any of the following apply:

  • Properties where the landlord has insufficient legal interest i.e. where the property is a house, a lease with a term under 21 years and for a flat, a lease with a term under 50 years;
  • Properties where the landlord is a co-operative housing association;
  • Properties situated in a rural area designated by order of the Secretary of State under Section 17(1)(b) (Right to Acquire: Supplementary Provisions) of the Housing Act 1996;
  • Properties let in connection with employment;
  • Properties designed with special features for letting to people with physical disabilities. To gain exemption the property should be one of a group of properties normally let to people with
    physical disabilities and a social service or special facility is provided close by wholly or partly to assist the tenants;
  • Properties with special facilities let to tenants who are suffering or have suffered from a mental disorder. As above the property must be one of a group of properties and a social service or
    special facility must be provided close by wholly or partly to assist the tenants;
  • Properties which are one of a group of properties which it is the practice of the landlord to keep for occupation by persons who have special needs and require intensive housing assistance and such intensive housing assistance is provided either directly or indirectly by the landlord;
  • Properties let to persons of pensionable age. Such properties must be one of a group of properties let to the elderly and have special facilities consisting of or including a resident warden or non-resident warden with a calling facility, and/or a common room close by;
  • Properties held on Crown tenancies;
  • Properties where the attributable loan debt is equal to or greater than its current market value; and
  • Properties that are due to be demolished within 24 months of a provider serving a final demolition notice, and having followed the prescribed notification process as contained in s182 of the Housing Act 2004.

Exceptions for Right To Buy / Preserved Right To Buy

You may be excluded from the Right to Buy or Preserved Right to Buy if any of the following apply:

  • The property is sheltered housing for the elderly, physically disabled or mentally ill or disabled;
  • The property is particularly suitable for the elderly and was first let before 1 January 1990 to be lived in by someone aged 60 or more;
  • The property is let in connection with the occupant’s employment by the landlord;
  • Where there an initial demolition notice has been served and ends where a final demolition notice is served;
  • The Tenant is subject to a possession order; including a suspended possession order, the conditions of which have been broken (if SPO obtained and terms not breached then RTB can proceed);
  • There is a pending bankruptcy petition against the tenant;
  • The tenant is an undischarged bankrupt;
  • The tenant is in agreement with their creditors which has not yet been fulfilled;
  • The tenant’s RTB application has been suspended by the court due to Anti-Social Behaviour.

Right to Buy extension

You may have read about the government’s plans to extend the Right to Buy to housing association tenants, enabling residents to buy their homes. As of yet no firm plans have been made to roll this out.

We will keep you up to date with any further developments in this area.

For the latest updates from the government please go to righttobuy.gov.uk.