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Moving to another home

As a Newlon resident if you want to move to another social housing home the best option is to consider an exchange with someone else who wants to move. An exchange is not limited to Newlon properties, as you can swap with social housing residents nationally, including those living in local authority homes. As well as Newlon’s own mutual exchange scheme, which is for our residents looking to swap with each other, there are a number of national exchange schemes and you can find details of these below.

Mutual exchange

Mutual exchange allows you to swap homes with another Newlon resident or a resident from another housing association or local authority. It is available to residents who have a secure, assured, or five year fixed term tenancy.

First you need to find another tenant who wants to swap.

To find another Newlon tenant who wants to swap their home you can read our quarterly mutual exchange board, which contains an up to date list of other Newlon tenants also looking to move home. This is distributed with our newsletters but you can also download it at www.newlon.org.uk/publications/mutual-exchange. If you find a tenant you would like to swap with you can apply by filling in the mutual exchange application form. To advertise your property in this leaflet please call the Service Centre on 020 7613 8080 or email customerservice@newlon.org.uk.

HomeSwapper is the largest organisation for social housing residents wishing to move home through a mutual exchange. Thousands of people join every month to move locally or across the UK. HomeSwapper makes daily checks for new swaps and you can log on anytime to view them. It can also send you ‘match alerts’ to ensure that you don’t miss out on your ideal home. If you are interested in a swap you can contact the other resident and arrange to view each other’s properties. We have partnered with HomeSwapper so it is free for Newlon residents to use. You can join by registering at www.homeswapper.co.uk.

Mutual exchange documents:

Other options for moving home

You can search wider via a few other schemes:

Seaside & Country Homes is a scheme for tenants aged 60 or older. The scheme helps around 150 households to move from London each year to bungalows or flats in desirable seaside and countryside locations. Learn more about it and the full eligibility criteria at www.london.gov.uk/what-we-do/housing-and-land/council-and-social-housing/seaside-and-country-homes

Housing Moves, the Mayor of London’s housing mobility scheme, has changed. Following a recent review, the scheme has refocused and eligibility is now limited to victims/survivors of domestic abuse who are current social housing tenants and former rough sleepers moving on from Clearing House accommodation. Tenants who need to move due to domestic abuse should be referred to the Pan-London Housing Reciprocal scheme where they will be supported to register on the refocused Housing Moves scheme.

You can also try contacting your local council, as they may be able to offer advice or assistance in finding you a suitable home.

Shared Ownership

Depending on your circumstances you could consider the possibility of becoming a homeowner through Shared Ownership if you want to move home. Newlon provides affordable homes across north and east London, designed to help people on lower to middle incomes take a first step on the property ladder

You can see which homes we have available on our dedicated sales site at www.newlonliving.co.uk.

If we don’t have a property you like, then you can look for other Shared Ownership homes via the Homes for Londoners search tool.


We carry out a very small number of transfers each year, moving residents from one Newlon property to another. However, due to the high demand for transfers and the very low numbers of properties available for people to transfer to, we can only consider transfers in exceptional circumstances.