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Dealing with damp and mould

We want our residents to live safely and securely in high quality, healthy homes and we take all reports of damp and mould very seriously.

If you spot signs of damp or mould in your home please report it to us immediately, even if the problem only seems to be small.

How to report damp and mould in your home

To report damp or mould, please contact our Service Centre by calling 020 7613 8080, or emailing repairs@newlon.org.uk.

You can also report issues with damp and mould using the My Newlon portal. If the problem is urgent please call us.

Everyday things you can do to help prevent damp and mould

Please follow the link for some useful everyday tips that everyone can do to help keep their home healthy and reduce the risk of damp and mould.

Our approach to tackling damp and mould

There are lots of reasons why damp and mould can occur in homes. To make sure that we can provide the right solution for any problems you experience when you contact us we will arrange for one of our surveyors to visit and inspect the issue.

If there is a quick and easy solution we will always aim for our contractors to fix the problem on the first visit. Sometimes the causes of damp and mould can be complex, such as leaks from external sources that can be hard to trace or due to problems with the damp course for a property.

If more complex works are required we will let you know what is needed to remedy the damp and mould and how long we think it take as soon as we can after the initial inspection visit.

In the most severe cases we may need to temporarily move people until works can be carried out. Newlon has a decant policy in place should this ever be required.

We always aim to keep you up to date about the progress of any works we are carrying out to resolve an issue with damp and mould. If you feel unclear about what is being done please contact the surveyor or team who are managing your case.

Issues logged on the My Newlon portal will show progress updates to make it easy to check what is being done.

Working to prevent damp and mould

We don’t just respond to reports of damp and mould we also work to stop problems occurring.
We do this through our ongoing survey programme, smart use of data, our healthy homes initiative and our stock investment programme.

Survey programme

We aim to survey 20% of our rented housing each year. The surveying methodology includes assessing for risk of damp and mould. We will put steps in place to deal with any damp and mould we find. In addition the information gathered from these surveys is used to plan and prioritise longer term improvements as well as identifying any urgent health and safety issues.

Using data to reduce damp and mould

We analyse data from stock condition surveys, repair reports, complaints and complex repair cases to identify higher risk properties where there could be more chance of damp and mould occurring. We carry out a programme of surveys and inspections to assess potential problems in these properties and take any actions required to deal with damp and mould.

Healthy homes programme

In partnership with our main repairs contractors we carry out a series of healthy homes visits. This initiative focuses on properties where data has shown that there are higher than average reports of repair issues, in particular, properties at risk of damp and mould. We then follow up with any actions required as a result of the healthy homes visits.

Stock improvement programme

We continue to invest significantly in structural improvements across our housing stock, especially those that enhance the thermal performance of properties and reduce the risk of damp and mould.

What if a problem keeps occurring or gets worse?

If you have a reported an issue with damp and mould to us on more than one occasion and we have not resolved the problem you can contact our damp and mould taskforce by emailing dmtf@newlon.org.uk. The role of this team is to respond to and resolve any complex damp and mould related repairs issues.

Please report any issues to the Service Centre in the normal way the first time you need to contact us.

If you are dissatisfied with the way that we have dealt with a problem with damp and mould you can complain to us by following our complaints process. All complaints are thoroughly investigated and responded to in detail.

What if I am struggling to pay my energy bills?

We know that many people are struggling to make ends meet during the ongoing cost of living crisis. To find out what support Newlon can offer and find useful links to advice from other organisations please visit our cost of living support page.