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Newlon News

newsletter_imageNewlon News is a quarterly newsletter for our residents, which contains our latest news, information and opportunities, and events going on in the boroughs where we have homes.

There are two versions of Newlon News – one for residents living in our rented homes and another for homeowners.

The current and previous editions of both versions are available below.

Residents’ newsletter – for those in our rented homes

Residents’ newsletter_Winter 2017

Homeowners’ newsletter – for our shared owners and leaseholders

Homeowners’ newsletter – Winter 2017

Previous editions:

Residents’ newsletter – Autumn 2017
Homeowners’ newsletter – Autumn 2017
Residents’ newsletter – Summer 2017
Homeowners’ newsletter – Summer 2017
Residents’ newsletter – Spring 2017
Homeowners’ newsletter – Spring 2017
Residents’ newsletter – Winter 2016
Homeowners’ newsletter – Winter 2016
Residents’ newsletter – Autumn 2016
Homeowners’ newsletter – Autumn 2016
Residents’ newsletter – Summer 2016
Homeowners’ newsletter – Summer 2016
Residents’ newsletter – Spring 2016
Homeowners’ newsletter – Spring 2016
Residents’ newsletter – Winter 2015
Homeowners newsletter – Winter 2015
Residents’ newsletter – Autumn 2015
Homeowners’ newsletter – Autumn 2015
Residents’ newsletter – Summer 2015
Homeowners’ newsletter – Summer 2015
Residents’ newsletter – Spring 2015
Homeowners’ newsletter – Spring 2015

Other formats

If you require these publications in a different format such as Braille or large print, please contact us by emailing customerservice@newlon.org.uk or you can call our Service Centre on 020 7613 8080.

Write for our newsletter and receive £20 in high street vouchers

These are your newsletters, so why not get involved and write something that other residents may enjoy? We accept all kinds of articles. For example, you could write about events in your local community, your favourite places to visit, or helpful advice for your fellow residents.

If you would like to make a contribution to the newsletter please email newsletters@newlon.org.uk to discuss more.

If we use your article we will send you £20 in high street vouchers.

Be environmentally friendly by going digital

We can send our newsletters digitally. This is faster and more environmentally friendly. If you want to receive them by email rather than in hard copy please get in touch at newsletters@newlon.org.uk.