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Newlon’s tenancy and leaseholder agreements state that no animals should be kept on the premises without first obtaining our written consent. The granting or refusal of consent is at our absolute discretion. We may withdraw consent at any time, especially if the animal causes a nuisance or annoyance to neighbours or to other tenants. Residents will be allowed a maximum of two pets (with the exception of caged birds and goldfish/tropical fish).

We recognise the benefits of owning a pet, including security and support, and we would not unreasonably withhold our consent. However, we also recognise that when pets are poorly behaved or badly looked after this can affect the quality of life for other residents. In these circumstances we will take appropriate enforcement measures including possession proceedings where necessary.

Permission to keep a pet will not be granted if the design of the estate does not suit a pet, if the area is highly dense or where the majority of residents have agreed to designate the estate as either pet or dog free. The only exception will be guide dogs where permission will normally be given in a flat or property that would otherwise be unsuitable. Permission is still required however, and if granted does not set a precedent for other tenants wanting to keep a dog.

Permission for any animal will only be granted on condition that the resident complies with the following:

• Dogs must not be allowed to wander the scheme unattended

• Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times in communal areas

• Owners must clean up after pets, especially if they foul in the communal areas

• Pets must not cause a noise nuisance

• Pets must not cause a nuisance to neighbours

• Pets must be looked after responsibly and not mistreated

• Dogs must not be left in the house unattended for more than 24 hours.

Stray pets will be reported to the Dog Warden or the RSPCA and Newlon will seek removal from the area or estate. Where animals have been abandoned in a property we will contact the RSPCA.