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Hate crime

Hate crime

We want our neighbourhoods to be safe places for everyone. We won’t tolerate behaviour that prevents our residents feeling secure in their home and their neighbourhood.

What is hate crime?

A hate crime is any behaviour that someone thinks was caused by hostility, prejudice or hatred of their:

  • Disability, including physical impairments, mental health problems, learning disabilities, hearing and visual impairments.
  • Gender identity (people who are transgender, transsexual or transvestite).
  • Race, skin colour, nationality, ethnicity or heritage.
  • Religion, faith or belief, including people without a religious belief.
  • Sexual orientation (people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or heterosexual etc.).
  • Lifestyle and dress i.e. such as an alternative sub-culture.

Hate crime can include:

  • Name calling or verbal abuse.
  • Graffiti or abusive writing.
  • Damage to property.
  • Threats or intimidation.
  • Bullying or harassment.
  • Physical attacks or violence, including sexual violence, arson and murder.

Why should I report hate crime to Newlon?

By reporting hate crime, you can get the support you may need and help ensure that action is taken against the perpetrators. By reporting what’s happened to you, you may also prevent these incidents from happening to someone else.

What will Newlon do if I report a hate crime to them?

We will:

  • Treat all reports of hate crime/incidents seriously, emphatically and in confidence.
  • Treat all reports of hate crime/incidents as high risk, and aim to contact the victim within one working day.
  • Carry out thorough investigations of all reports of hate crime/incidents.
  • Conduct a risk assessment with the victim to ascertain level of risk and whether it is safe for the resident to remain in the home.
  • Provide advice and information, and signpost victims to support agencies where we are unable to help.
  • Work in partnership with other agencies, where this is required.
  • Provide a range of options to deal with perpetrators of hate crime.
  • Take action against perpetrators if appropriate and there is sufficient evidence.
  • Agree an action plan with the victim, and keep them regularly updated.
  • Take account of the residents’ safety when taking action to ensure that our intervention does not inflame the situation.

What can I do to assist Newlon when reporting a hate crime?

If the behaviour has been ongoing, it would be very useful if you could complete an
ASB incident record sheet clearly stating the type of incident, the time, date and where it occurred.

How should I report a hate crime to Newlon?

If you have been a victim of hate crime or you have witnessed a hate crime, please email asb@newlon.org.uk or call the Service Centre on 020 7613 8080.

For alternative ways of reporting a hate crime, please visit the anti-social behaviour page on the website.

What else can I do if I’ve been a victim or witness of a hate crime?

You can also report it to the police – hate crime is a criminal offence.

  • In an emergency please call 999.
  • You can report hate crime to the Metropolitan Police either by telephoning 101 or by visiting any police station.
  • If you don’t want to talk to the police or fill in the reporting forms, you can report a hate crime by calling Crimestoppers on 0800 555111 or www.crimestoppers-uk.org. You don’t have to give your name and it’s free to call. What you say is confidential but it’s difficult to fully investigate and act on an incident without your details.