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Commitment to diversity

We provide housing and support for one of the UK’s most diverse communities. We are committed to ensuring that our residents receive the same level of service from us whatever their ethnic background, or level of support or care needs. Our aim is to provide decent and affordable housing and to support people to live independent and successful lives.

Our staff are representative of the diverse community we serve and our commitment to supporting diversity is backed up by our equal opportunities statement:

‘No individual or group shall be treated less favourably than another individual or group because of race, colour, ethnic or national origin, religion, beliefs, age, sex, sexuality, medical condition, physical or mental disability, marital status or responsibility for dependents.’

We work in partnership with minority ethnic housing organisations and providers of housing for people with disabilities to ensure that we are supporting the needs of everyone in our community. Our Resident Services team and sister organisation Outward work to increase social inclusion and to aid people with additional care and support needs.

Making it easy for you to access our services

We want to make sure that all of our of residents can easily access our services and information.

If you call us or come into our head office but find it hard to communicate in English, we can set up a three way conversation with a translator who speaks your language.

We also have staff who speak Turkish and Bengali and work directly to support the Turkish and Bengali communities.

Our publications use easily readable type font and sizes. However, if your sight is impaired and you wish to have a publication or any other relevant piece of information made available to you in Braille or in audio format, we can provide this for you. We can also produce documents in larger print if necessary. Email customerservice@newlon.org.uk or call us on 020 7613 8080 for more information.

We work with social services and local authorities to provide aids and adaptations for people who need more help to live in their homes and we are committed to designing new affordable homes that reflect the varying needs of residents. You can find out more in the aids and adaptations section of the website.

We are committed to ensuring that disabled people are not disadvantaged in accessing or receiving the services we provide. The reasonable adjustments policy, below, sets out the steps we take to meet this commitment.