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Value for money

Being an efficient and effective organisation is essential to the delivery of Newlon’s main business objectives. It is an area of priority for the Board, who consider it a commercial necessity as well as an obligation to drive value for money through the business. Our capacity to provide new homes relies on our ability to become ever more efficient and continue to generate healthy margins.

Our definition of value for money is very simple. The Board has chosen to focus on just two core objectives and our aim is to maximise the potential of our resources to:

  • Deliver as many new homes as possible.
  • Provide good quality, reliable, continuously improving services across the Group.

We believe that value for money should be integrated into regular business planning, performance monitoring and decision-making.  Understanding and achieving value for money is fundamental to the success of the business and our determination to deliver good value should be evident in everything we do. Our Value for Money Strategy outlines how we intend to drive greater value for residents and stakeholders. You can download at the bottom of this page.

In addition, as part of our approach to value for money, we compare our performance with other housing associations across a range of measures collectively known as the Sector Scorecard. The report is generated from the independent housing benchmarking service, Housemark, and compares our results against a group of other London based housing associations with less than 20% supported housing – a selection that was made to account for regional cost variations and the higher cost of providing supported housing.