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Value for money

In 2012 our Board set out a Ten Year Vision for the Trust. Our ambition was to deliver a healthy development programme and improve services to our residents whilst maintaining our financial strength and reputation as an efficient provider.

We had some scope to make targeted investment in services without diminishing our development capacity, and we felt that we needed to make some fundamental changes to the business to make it fit for the future.

So for the past few years we have been working to modernise our approach to customer service. We have invested in getting the right systems and structures in place to deliver streamlined, reliable services that are capable of absorbing future growth. The Board are delighted to see this investment beginning to pay off. Resident satisfaction has been rising and, although we know there is much more work to be done, we are confident that we are on the right track.

Our Value for Money Self Assessment will tell you about our approach to Value for Money and how we balance our priorities to provide value for a range of stakeholders, from current and future residents to our local authority partners and the wider community. It also sets out some of our achievements over the past few years, identifies some areas where we have been less successful and sets out how we intend to improve over the next few years.

Our Value for Money Strategy outlines how we intend to drive greater value for residents and stakeholders. Our main aims are to ensure that Newlon continues to deliver a steady new supply of homes, that we continue to improve services – especially repairs – and we keep our costs low compared to other London housing associations.

You can also look at the sector scorecard results, which we use to measure our performance against other housing providers.