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Repairs and maintenance

  • What if a contractor cancels an appointment or doesn’t attend because they cannot park?

    Newlon’s agreement with all of our contractors is that they are responsible for being able to park to carry out appointments in our residents’ homes.

    If a contractor does not turn up for an appointment and says the reason is because they could not park please contact our Service Centre on 020 7613 8080 and we will contact them to resolve the issue.

  • What can I do if I have heating and hot water issues and I don’t want to wait for a heating engineer?

    Please follow the link to access helpful videos and tips from PH Jones (part of British Gas) on heating issues and how to overcome them if you don’t want to wait for a heating engineer.

    If you have tried to resolve your issues but you are still having problems, please call our Service Centre on 020 7613 8080.


  • How do I report a repair?

    You can report a repair in a number of ways:

    Phone the Service Centre on 020 7613 8080, or free from a landline on 0800 072 4611 or email repairs@newlon.org.uk.

    Alternatively you can use our online reporting service. If you are calling out of office hours and your repair is an emergency, please call the Service Centre. A voice mail message will provide you with the numbers of contractors who can deal with your repair.

  • How do I know if my property has asbestos?

    You will be contacted, usually by letter, if asbestos is either found or presumed to be in your property or block. This will let you know details about it, including exactly where it is located.

    It will also provide information about who to contact if you plan to carry out DIY to your property, as asbestos can be a health risk if damaged or disturbed.

    There is no need to be alarmed if you receive this letter, as we inform residents about asbestos even if it poses no risk. However, you can get in touch with our Service Centre if you want to discuss further.

    You can learn more about asbestos on the safety in your home page.

  • What should I do if I think there is a leak from a property above or next to me?

    If you notice a leak from an adjoining property please inform us of where you suspect the problem is coming from and what the problem is. You can do this by contacting our Service Centre or emailing repairs@newlon.org.uk. You will then be asked to contact the resident in the property yourself to ask them to have it investigated. We will contact the resident via telephone if you unable to get hold of them or they refuse to cooperate.  If they do not respond then we will send a letter informing them of the possible problem and asking them to contact us. We will attempt to contact the resident at least three times, either by phone, text or email.

    If we are still unable to contact the resident or they refuse access we will refer them to the Enforcement team. The Enforcement team will then work with the resident to gain access to the property. We will keep you informed of any progress made with resolving the issue.

    If the problem is located within a Leaseholder’s property then they are responsible for rectifying it. If there is a chance that it may be coming from a communal area a contractor will investigate and we will deal with it ourselves.

  • What if a contractor fails to gain access to my property for an appointment?

    If a contractor or surveyor reports that they are unable to gain access to your property for an appointment it will be recorded on our system. We will contact you in advance of any appointment to remind you and determine whether you are able to provide access.

    If they fail to gain access then will leave a card asking you to make a new appointment. The Service Centre will then arrange a second appointment. If that appointment is then missed then you will be contacted again. If access cannot be gained again a card will be left asking you to arrange another appointment. If residents repeatedly fail to provide access for important work then we may use legal avenues to gain access or possession of the property.

  • How can I find out when cyclical or stock improvement (SIP) works are due to take place?

    To find out when cyclical or SIP works are due to take place please call the Service Centre or email customerservice@newlon.org.uk.

    SIP works cover bathrooms, kitchens, windows, boilers, electrics and loft insulation. Cyclical works include repairing or replacing windows, fascias, soffits, pointing, boundary walls, guttering, down pipes, any remedial repairs and painting.

  • Will you repair a broken window within my property?

    We will only repair a broken window if the breakage is the result of a crime. A crime reference number will have to be presented in order for a repair to be carried out. If the window breakage is not the result of a crime we will not repair it. We will, however, make the area safe if it is deemed dangerous. If there is a broken window in a communal area we will repair it regardless of the cause.

  • If I am a Leaseholder then what am I responsible for in my home?

    As a Leaseholder you are responsible for any issues within your property and any internal items which solely service your property.

    Depending on the terms of your lease then as your landlord we might be responsible for any issues with your windows, front entrance doors and any balcony or garden doors. Please consult your lease in order to find out.

    To find out more please call us on 020 7613 8080 or email customerservice@newlon.org.uk.