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Get involved!

  • How can I get involved at Newlon?

    At Newlon we want you to help us get things right. To do this we offer a range of options for you to become involved, from the very simple, such as completing surveys or taking part in an event, to the more committed, such as regularly attending a group or forum. By getting involved you will be helping to improve the services we provide to our residents.

    You can find out more about the opportunities available in our getting involved section. Alternatively you can contact our Resident Involvement team on 020 7613 8084.

  • How can I get involved with a residents’ association?

    We support people to set up residents’ associations to act as a formal voice for their estate or area. They bring people together to ensure that we are providing the standard of service that we should be and to make the most of their community through projects and social groups.

    If you want to find out more please contact our Resident Involvement team on 020 7613 8084.

  • Will I get rewarded for taking part in involvement activities?

    We want to encourage our residents to get involved as much as possible in assessing how we are run and to improve our services.

    We offer vouchers in exchange for taking part in involvement activities, which vary depending on what the activity is. We also sometimes reimburse the travel costs incurred in getting to meetings.

    To find out more contact the Resident Involvement team on 020 7613 8084.