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Resident Services Committee co-opted member vacancy

3rd May 2024

We’re looking for a new member for the Resident Services Committee (RSC) and we want to ask all residents with transferable skills to think about applying.

The RSC is part of Newlon’s governance structure, where we make the day-to-day decisions about how we look after your homes. It needs residents involved who have some experience
of how committees are run and what is entailed in preparing for meetings as there are quite a lot of papers to look through beforehand. There are four meetings a year, in the evening on a
weekday at our office in Tottenham Hale, which is an accessible building. The dates are planned well in advance.

The role isn’t just for people who have worked in an office. All types of people have gained these skills over their lifetime. It needs a good listener and a broad thinker who can put in the time to do the preparation. It’s an opportunity to represent all residents, not a platform to raise your own issues.

The role is paid (£3,150 each year) to reflect the time commitment required for meetings and preparation, and the skill set.

If you are successful in becoming a member of the Resident Services Committee, you will also be expected to follow the code of conduct for involved residents which you can find on our website www.newlon.org.uk/code-of-conduct-forinvolved-residents.

Please read the role description (below) and if this sounds like something you would be interested in please contact getinvolved@newlon.org.uk by Wednesday 15th May.

Resident Services Committee co-opted member role description

Purpose of the role:
To work with other committee members and the management of the Trust to ensure the delivery of high-quality resident services, maintain compliance with regulatory requirements that relate to service delivery and take responsibility for other functions formally delegated from the Trust, Board related.
As a member of the committee, you will need to have a commitment to upholding the organisation’s mission and values, and foster an environment of accountability, transparency, and resident-centricity. You will be responsible for developing an understanding of Newlon’s legal and regulatory obligations in relation to housing services and seek appropriate assurance that they will be met.
You will work with committee members and management to develop a clear vision for services, contributing to setting plans and targets that drive continuous improvement in service delivery.

Key accountabilities:

1. Leadership and governance:
• Uphold the values of honesty, accountability, and transparency in all committee activities.
• Maintain an understanding of the legal and regulatory requirements related to housing services and seek assurance that they are being met.
• Stay informed about emerging trends within the sector and beyond, assessing potential impacts, risks, and opportunities for the organisation.
• To support the Chair in providing strategic leadership and creating a positive climate which fosters constructive challenge to management.
• To show an active commitment to understanding resident needs and preferences and developing strategies to meet them.

2. Financial management and control:
• Authorise the write-off of former tenant debts up to £15,000, adhering to principles of fairness and accountability.
• Consider financial implications and value for money in service changes and customer services, maintaining a commitment to quality and fairness.
• Monitor rent collection and risks to rental income and ensure that there is a suitable framework in place to help support residents in financial difficulty.

3. Housing and property management:
• Promote a culture of reliability and trustworthiness in providing high-quality services to residents.
• Monitor customer service performance, complaints and satisfaction levels, identifying areas for improvement and overseeing corrective actions.
• Advise on setting strategies, targets, plans and policies for housing management and maintenance services ensuring consistent and respectful treatment of all residents.
• Support resident participation, consultation, and information initiatives, demonstrating a commitment to listening and responding to residents’ needs and concerns.
• Monitor compliance with landlord health and safety responsibilities and relevant customer standards, prioritising resident safety and well-being in all aspects of housing and property management.

4. General oversight:
• Make recommendations to the Board on relevant matters within the Committee’s scope, guided by principles of fairness, quality, and safety.
• Regularly review risks relevant to resident services, with a focus on maintaining the organisation’s reputation for providing high-quality affordable housing.