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Tenant Satisfaction Measures Survey

7th Sep 2023

What survey?
Newlon Housing Trust have commissioned Acuity, a market research company who specialise in the social housing sector, to carry out a series of telephone surveys with our
residents. The survey is a general satisfaction survey (perception survey) asking residents what they think about their home and the services provided by Newlon Housing Trust. The questions are based on the new Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSMs) introduced by the Regulator of Social Housing from April this year.

Who are Acuity?
Acuity Research and Practice (Acuity) provide resident satisfaction surveys and benchmarking services, helping housing providers to improve services and engage with their residents through an understanding of satisfaction, performance and profiling data. They have been providing consultancy services to the social housing sector for over 24 years.

How will residents be contacted?
Acuity will contact a random selection of residents by telephone with the aim of interviewing a minimum of 854 residents across the year starting in September 2023. The survey should take approximately 8-10 minutes to complete.

When will Acuity call residents?
Acuity only make calls between the hours of 9:00am and 8:00pm Monday to Friday and between the hours of 10.00am and 6:00pm on Saturday. Interviewers allow the telephone to ring for a minimum of 25 seconds, or until a voice mail system kicks in, to ensure residents with mobility issues are given sufficient time to get to the phone.

What telephone number is displayed?
If a resident receives a call from Acuity the number displayed is 01273 093939, which is a Brighton area code. If the resident sees a missed call from this number and calls back, they will hear a recorded message informing them that someone from Acuity tried to call them to complete a survey for their landlord.

Is the survey confidential and anonymous?
The survey is strictly confidential and if a resident requests, the results can be given back to Newlon Housing Trust anonymously without their name attached.

Is the survey in line with data protection and what about quality standards?
Acuity holds a quality standard for market research companies. All calls are recorded for training and quality purposes. Acuity is a company partner member of the Market Research Society and is registered with the Information Commissionaires Office.  In line with the Data Protection Act, Acuity is not permitted to release any details to any other organisation and it is not permitted to release any information that would allow an individual to be identified without their prior active consent to do so. 

Who should I contact at Newlon Housing Trust or Acuity if I have a query that is not addressed here?
If you have any queries about any of the survey, please contact Tom O’Malley (tom.omalley@newlon.org.uk)
or Heather Metivier at Acuity (01273 287114 or acuity@arap.co.uk).