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Get together with your neighbours and have a Big Lunch!

23rd Aug 2017

Whether it is a small gathering in your garden or a large party in the middle of your street or estate, a ‘Big Lunch’ is a chance to get together with your neighbours for a day to celebrate your community and have fun. You can organise one for any date you fancy – and we can help you do it.

If you want to arrange a Big Lunch then the main things to consider are:

  • Picking a date
  • Asking your fellow residents to volunteer to help
  • Deciding where to hold it
  • Advertising your event, such as putting up notices
  • Planning the food or asking residents to bring dishes to share
  • Thinking about any decorations
  • Getting support from local businesses

We can help with the event by:

  • Providing information and advice
  • Communicating the event details to other residents
  • Offering you up to £300 to purchase food, equipment and decorations

If you want to organise a Big Lunch for your street or estate and would like assistance, then please contact Karen Orr on 020 7613 8084 or getinvolved@newlon.org.uk.