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New resident involvement kitemarks

1st Apr 2016

We have introduced ‘kitemarks’ for our publications.

A kitemark is a visual symbol of resident involvement with our internal and external publications, so our customers, staff and other stakeholders can easily see where residents have been involved, and where we have taken comments on board.

RI kitemark 1

How can the kitemark be achieved?

There are three levels of involvement.

The first level is where the Readers’ Panel or another resident group has reviewed a publication to check the design, layout and how easy it is to understand.

The kitemark will display one tick to show this first level of involvement.

The next level is where residents have been consulted about policies, procedures or services to give their opinions. For example, the Residents Forum are sometimes consulted before policy documents are finalised.

The kitemark will display two ticks for this second level of involvement.

The top level is about resident involvement in decision making. Residents who sit on the Residents’ Services Committee or the Board take an active role in decision making about policies, procedures and services.

The kitemark will display three ticks for this third level of involvement.

These different levels of involvement are not dependent on each other and can be achieved separately.

We want Newlon to aspire to getting kitemarks on all our publications.