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Offering a helping hand into work

1st Nov 2013

Newlon steps up the pace in supporting you to find that job!

Newlon knows that many people are finding it hard to find and keep a job in these tough times. Through Newlon Fusion, our Resident Support & Employment Advice team has been offering a helping hand to many unemployed residents since we set up the service in 2009.

Now, we are picking up the pace by introducing a new programme to help those residents who need just a little more help to find that elusive job! Our hope is that, with our support, 1000 more people will have found work by 2022 and we are looking for people to help us pilot the idea between now and next summer!

Aimed initially at people who feel that their ideal job is only a little out of their reach, we will be working to pilot a way that figures out what’s standing in the way of getting that job, putting together personalised action plans and plugging those gaps!!

We want to specifically help people who are currently not in paid employment and we will measure success by the numbers of these people who get a job of at least 16 hours a week and who keep that job, whether it be working for someone else or running their own business.

We are still pulling together the people, partners and employers to make this happen. But, if you feel that you are the kind of person that will benefit from the project and have a real desire to break into the world of work, we would love to hear from you!!

Please send your name, address, contact details and a few words about why you think you are suitable for the programme to info@newlonfusion.org.uk and one of the team will get back to you.

For those residents who are not quite ready to take part in our pilot, we will keep you informed as to our progress through the Newlon newsletters (Newlon News and News for your Area) until such time that the moment is right for you. In the meantime, it’s “business as usual” for our other Fusion programmes and we look forward to welcoming you onto those projects if they are of interest to you.