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Isobel Place water supply issues – press statement

There is an underground leak causing a failure of the pumped supply to homes at Isobel Place which Newlon Housing Trust became aware of early on Tuesday. Initial attempts to trace the leak proved unsuccessful and we have had to commission a specialist digger and crew to excavate the potential site of the leak. Despite contacting Thames Water and a number of contractors, due to the prevailing weather conditions it is not possible to get the digger onsite until early on Sunday morning.

Residents are being supplied with 16 litres of bottled water daily and more for larger households. There is access to tap water nearby at Tottenham Town Hall and a 10,000 litre static drinking water tank will be onsite tomorrow to make accessing a larger supply of water more convenient. We have staff onsite providing water to people and we are delivering water to households where people have vulnerabilities. We have also offered temporary hotel accommodation to those households where we are aware that people are vulnerable.

We have been communicating with residents about the cause of the problem and the steps we are taking to deal with it.

We have also been able to arrange for residents to be able to use the toilet facilities at the neighbouring Bernie Grant Arts Centre and the shower facilities at the nearby leisure centre and would like to thank both organisations and Haringey Council for their assistance.

Residents continue to have heating.

We will compensate residents for each day they are without water once the supply has been restored.

While we fully understand and apologise for the inconvenience of the situation we are doing everything that can practically be done to restore the supply as soon as possible.