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Concierge Services

You currently pay for concierge services within your Service Charges. The existing service includes: 

  1. Monitoring CCTV systems – checking of each camera every hour 24/7, recording in their daily log all viewed incidents, calling police if there are incidents of a criminal nature witnessed or recorded, viewing/downloading footage on request by police.
  2. Site inspections – Patrolling on site to identify repairs, ASB, and reporting cleaning issues as they arise. Also checking of mechanical and electrical services to the building to ensure they are operational inclusive of pumps, lifts, wet riser, fire system, etc.
  3. Access – Ensuring the door entry system is operational at all times, programming existing and additional fobs, tracking fob usage on request.
  4. Alarm control – Being familiar with all types of fire/pump alarms and panels on Newlon’s schemes and the procedures for calling the fire brigade, and dealing with entrapments in lifts. Monitoring of panels and systems as required.
  5. Security – Controlling access to buildings linked to the CCTV equipment, including the reporting of incidents as they arise or intruders to Newlon and/or the police.
  6. Emergency services – Assisting emergency services and reporting emergencies.
  7. External service providers – Giving access to Newlon contractors and agents, or for repairs including emergencies and health and safety visits, as required.
  8. Resident enquiries – Dealing sensitively with resident enquiries, assisting where necessary, and making residents aware of how to report issues.
  9. Health and Safety – Reporting any health and safety concerns, repairs issues, checking fire doors, general fire inspection and fire safety systems checks.
  10. Anti-social behaviour (ASB) – Reporting neighbour disputes and disturbances, vandalism, graffiti or crime.
  11. General monitoring – Checking of public parts of the building or area, plant equipment, etc. Patrols occur or monthly to buildings, both inside and out.