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Water safety

There are health risks that you need to be aware of in respect of the water supply to your home. These are minimal and do not present any significant danger to you or your family.

The risks are mainly from a very small possibility that in some rare instances potentially harmful Legionella bacteria may develop in the water supply system within your home.

Most of our sheltered accommodation and housing schemes with large water tanks have their systems looked after by our water hygiene consultants and contractors.

However, there are a number of very simple measures that you should take to reduce these risks:

  • Do not drink water from bathroom taps. You should only drink water from the kitchen cold water tap.
  • If you have been away from your home for a few weeks, for instance on holiday, you should run the cold water tap in the kitchen for 30 seconds prior to drinking the water.
  • Shower heads should periodically be removed from the hose and placed in a solution of cold water with a small amount of bleach in it. Current best practice advice is to do this every three months. The shower head should be left in this solution for several hours, preferably overnight.

Please note that it is very rare for Legionella to infect water systems, so don’t be too alarmed. These are just simple recommended precautionary measures you can take.

Our responsibilities – water risk assessments

As a landlord, we carry out periodic water risk assessments of our properties. These assessments are to ensure that the water system in your home is fit for purpose and meets water safety regulations. We are legally required to carry these out under the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002.

You can find out more about the guidelines we are expected to follow by going to the relevant section on the Health and Safety Executive’s website.