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Ways to get involved

There are many ways to get involved at Newlon which range from activities that involve a lot of time to others that take less time.

Below are some of the ways to get involved. You can find out more about them using the menu links.

Mystery Shopping

We recruit and train residents as mystery shoppers to help us judge the quality of our services. You do this by pretending to be a real customer while using our services and testing their quality. We use what our mystery shoppers tell us to improve services.

Readers’ Panel

If you’d like to help us improve our written material such as leaflets, newsletters and web pages to make sure that anything written is clear and easy to understand then join our Readers Panel. You can do this from the comfort of your home as the Panel is an email and postal group.

Resident Inspector

If you live in a block or estate you can help our estate inspectors. You will jointly check if the standard of cleaning, maintenance and gardening is as good as it should be. We’ll organise training for you about this role.

Residents’ Forum

The Forum meets every two months with our senior staff and has an important job as it is the main resident group that we consult about our services and standards. Its members represent the views of all our residents.

Complaints Panel

By joining our Complaints Panel you’ll be working with other residents to independently review and resolve residents’ complaints. Being a member involves attending several meetings a year.

Residents’ Scrutiny Panel

The Panel meets every three months to look in detail at one of our services, to check how well they are doing and make suggestions for improving them.

Focus groups

We use focus groups to help us think about an issue in detail and explore different options.

Getting consulted

Sometimes you may be invited to tell us what you think about a specific issue through a one-off meeting, by filling in a survey or being consulted by phone. This may be for setting targets, shaping services or a change in one of our service contracts.

Informal local groups and meetings

Where issues arise and there is no formal Residents’ Association, we aim to meet with residents locally in a way that suits their needs. If you are interested in setting up a Residents’ Association visit our dedicated page on this website, by selecting the relevant link in the left side menu.

Fun days and events

We organise and support social events where possible to encourage better, friendlier neighbourhoods. These may be small local events organised by Residents’ Associations or large events such as a Residents’ Fun Day. (Please note if you are organising your own event you will not be covered by our insurance and need to take out your own insurance cover.)


This is a very easy and effective way to get your opinions heard and genuinely helps improve services. We often survey our new residents soon after they have moved in, current residents on different areas of Newlon’s services, and hold an independently run satisfaction survey every three years. If you do complete a survey we will use this information to identify problems and work to improve them.

Write for our residents’ newsletters

Are you a budding writer or have a good idea? We want our newsletters to be as relevant to you as possible so we are always looking for ideas, or better still, articles written by you. Take a look at the newsletters page for the latest editions of Newlon News, our residents’ magazine, and submit your article ideas to newsletters@newlon.org.uk. We offer vouchers to residents whose articles we publish.

More information

If you would like more information about any of the options you can download the resident involvement leaflet below. You can also contact 020 7613 8084 or email getinvolved@newlon.org.uk.