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Residents’ Scrutiny Panel

The Scrutiny Panel is a group of ten residents who look in detail at Newlon’s services and performance and make suggestions to improve them. We provide them with all the information they request to do this, whether that’s performance information, costs or comparing what we do with other landlords.

You can read reports about the work of the panel below.

Improving customer contact – September 2016

Voids and rent accounts improvement plan – April 2016

Service charge information improvement plan – April 2016

Voids and rent accounts – June 2015

BSW report 2 – November 2013

Breyer report 2 – February 2013

BSW report 1 – November 2012

Breyer report 1 – April 2012

The Panel initially report to our Residents’ Services Committee, who note the findings and recommendations. In 2016 we started using improvement plans, which show how Newlon have put in place agreed recommendations.

This year the Panel agreed to having a Scrutiny Manual setting out how they will conduct scrutiny reviews from beginning to end in six steps. It makes the process and expectations clearer and more transparent for both Panel members and Newlon staff. New staff here are now being initiated about the Scrutiny Panel as part of their induction. The aim of this is to promote and communicate the work of the Panel to new staff so that they have an understanding of its importance. We also offer them an opportunity to come along to a Panel meeting as an observer. If you would like to have a look at the manual, see related documents below.

If you would like to be know more about the Scrutiny Panel, or want to find out if there are any places available, please contact Karen Orr on 020 7613 8084 or at getinvolved@newlon.org.uk.

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