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Residents’ Forum members

Our Residents’ Forum is a group of residents who meet every three months to look at Newlon’s work and monitor performance, to help us improve the way we are run.

You can find out more about their work on our Residents’ Forum page.

Below are the profiles of our current Forum members.

  • Ben Roe
    Ben Roe Image

    I’m Ben and I joined the Forum in 2017 after some encouragement from Newlon as they knew about me being a resident inspector where I live. I’m glad I joined as I enjoy listening to other residents’ views, being able to give my input and give a little bit back to the Newlon community. I was nervous going to my first meeting but I was welcomed by the other members and feel settled there now. At meetings we have good discussions to try and help resolve issues or help with plans for the future and feel that we are listened to.

  • Blossom Shakespeare
    Blossom Shakespeare Image

    I joined the Residents’ Form when I first became a tenant in 2012 and had a 14 and a half year old young teenage boy, so I wanted to be involved with the development and safety issues where we live. I wanted to receive information first and to have an input on new and improved processes, and have an ongoing influence on decision making where I live. Although my son is now grown up I still enjoy being a member of the Forum.

  • Geraldine Grant
    Geraldine Grant Image

    I’ve been a Forum member for around two years now. I really enjoy being part of it and having an opportunity to discuss all sorts of issues that affect every resident in Newlon properties. We can also influence the way forward for Newlon, which I have discovered is a very complex machine. I would recommend joining the Forum to anyone who would like to be involved if the opportunity arises.

  • John Rymell
    John Rymell Image

    I’m a 62 year old man who drives for Uber and ViaVan, and am both a voice artist and a film extra. I have been with Newlon living in Stepney for 21 years and was first a member of the Residents’ Forum in 2000. I sing tenor with Battersea Choral Society and enjoy playing 20th century popular music – amongst many other genres – on the piano. I am not afraid of standing up for myself and others, and I hope my membership of the Forum benefits those residents who are less confident about speaking out or are frightened of putting their point across. I think it is essential for residents to be able to speak in confidence to another resident without fearing that it may affect their rights of tenancy.

  • Lloyd Gale-Ward
    Lloyd Gale-Ward Image

    Hi, I’m Lloyd and I joined the Forum in 2014, a short time after becoming a Newlon resident. From my early experiences with staff I felt the need to become involved with a view to make a positive difference for residents. It is both important and interesting to hear the experiences of other residents, and the issues and pressures Newlon face in providing services and homes to existing and future residents. Being on the Residents’ Forum has been a great way to gain a deeper understanding of housing management and to meet other Newlon residents.

  • Sonia Dobson

    Being a member of the Forum is an opportunity to gain knowledge and learn about my landlord and how a housing association is run. Also I care about my community and it is important that the landlord listens to and understands our concerns as well as giving them positive feedback. It is a good way to meet neighbours where you live, as well as meeting people from other Newlon developments. I enjoy the company of other residents on the Forum as we take issues seriously but also have a good laugh too.

  • Sylvia Donaldson
    Sylvia Donaldson Image

    I wanted to tell you a little bit about myself: I worked in the fashion trade during my career, have been retired for many years and live in Palmers Green. I’ve been a Newlon resident for over 40 years and a Forum member for nearly 20. When I first came into contact with Newlon I was living in Whitehall Mansions, Upper Clapton. In those days they had a small office in Stoke Newington High Street. I joined the Forum the same year that the office moved to Hoxton in 2000 and was at its very first meeting. My main reasons for joining were to get to know the staff and other members and discuss any problems arising for residents.