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Coronavirus – information on services

Although we are doing all we can to operate normally, the measures imposed by the government have had an impact on our services. Here you can find out more about the services we are currently providing, as well as information on the financial support available and how our Resident Services team can help.

Please report urgent repairs

If you need an urgent repair please make sure you do report it. Problems can often get worse if left and may be more difficult to repair later on.

We understand that people may be concerned about allowing our staff or contractors access to their homes at this time. However, our contractors are following strict safety guidelines and social distancing procedures to ensure that we can safely carry out urgent repairs.

Offices closed to the public

In line with Government guidance Newlon is maximising working from home. As a result all of our offices will be closed to the public until further notice. Face to face appointments are also not available.

If you need a service such as a repair you can email us, call us, or book online in the normal way: newlon.org.uk/contact-us. Please see the information below to check which services we can currently offer.

If you have coronavirus, or are self-isolating, please let us know about this when you contact us, so that we can take the appropriate steps to ensure people’s safety.


Currently we are only able to provide appointments for essential jobs, as follows:

  • Annual gas safety checks.
  • No heating or hot water boiler.
  • Uncontrollable water leaks resulting in damage to property.
  • Radiator leaks which can’t be contained.
  • Gas or solid fuel fire faults, if it is the only form of heating.
  • Priority boiler installation.
  • Any loss of electricity to a whole circuit, such as.all lights or all plug sockets, or a single socket if it controls a cooker or boiler.
  • Any electrical component, such as a light switch, light fitting, or socket which is damaged or sparking/crackling, and may cause electrical shock.
  • Failure of smoke, heat or carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Loss of mains drinking water.
  • Loss of water supply to the toilet for flushing.
  • Loss of water to for washing facilities, such as issues with supply to a bath or shower. This does not apply where there is alternative option, such as where there is loss of supply to a bath but there is a separate shower, or vice versa,
  • Loss of water to individual taps where there is no other source of that supply in the property.
  • Any leaks and burst pipes, unless it is minor and can easily be contained for the foreseeable future.
  • Structural problems that constitute imminent danger.
  • Making safe  after break-ins, attempted break-ins or broken windows. This does not include cracks to windows where the glass is still intact.
  • Blocked drains causing back-surge of sewage, or where the main drain blockage means you cannot use your toilet.
  • Persons locked out due to defective locks or broken keys, but not lost keys.
  • Any issues that are related to a disability or vulnerability, such as loss of a shower facility for those who require daily washing facilities associated with a medical or physical need.
  • Any other repairs that present an issue of danger within the property, which includes trip hazards within a property where the person is considered vulnerable.
  • Communal repairs can be reported as normal.

Estate Services

All contracts such as cleaning and health and safety inspections are continuing to be carried out, but this may be at a reduced level than normal.

Please continue to follow all the Government and NHS guidance on personal hygiene, especially in regard to sanitising and washing your hands. This is a very important part of maintaining safety in communal areas.

Income and rent

If you are experiencing hardship due to coronavirus, for example because your ability to work is affected, we will be as supportive as possible. Please contact us by emailing income@newlon.org.uk.

Universal credit should be available to assist residents in this instance and we may be able to signpost you to our in-house welfare benefits adviser for additional advice and support.

The Income team may contact people separately to provide advice on financial support where we become aware that residents are experiencing difficulties.

Resident Services team – how they can help

The Resident Services team are continuing to provide the majority of services as normal. Residents can continue to seek advice from our in-house welfare benefits adviser. The team is also signposting to local community support initiatives.

However, all our community halls are closed for the foreseeable future.

We have produced up to date guidance on financial support for those affected by coronavirus.

You can find out more advice from the team and links for help elsewhere at newlon.org.uk/resident-services-help.

Email community.services@newlon.org.uk or call 020 7033 4605 if you need to get in touch with a member of the team.

ASB and Enforcement

If you need to contact us please email asb@newlon.org.uk.


Any existing applications will be progressed and we will contact you as necessary, although there may be some delays. However, no viewings will be taking place. You can still express your interest in a property on our dedicated lettings website.

New Build Sales

We are still on hand to help you buy your new home and have adapted our services to ensure our sales team can continue to support customers on their home buying journey. We are available to answer questions at enquiry stage and offer digital tours of our show apartments. We are conducting scheduled physical viewings whilst taking extra precautions to ensure the health and wellbeing of our customers, staff and members of the public. We are able to take reservations remotely and are continuing to facilitate completions.

You can still express interest in our upcoming and available homes on our sales website – newlonliving.co.uk

For all new sales enquiries, please email sales@newlon.org.uk.

Resales, staircasing, remortgaging and lease extensions

The government has updated its guidance and people are free to buy, sell or move home, however the process of finding and moving into a new home will be different as those involved in the process will need to adapt practices and procedures to ensure that the risk of spread of coronavirus is reduced as far as possible.

This will include doing more of the process online, such as desktop valuations if suitable, virtual initial viewings, vacating your current property while other people are shown around, ensuring your property is thoroughly cleaned before and after viewings or someone else moves in and the use of face masks and gloves.

Surveyors carrying out valuations are expected to follow government guidance for professionals working in other people’s homes and guidance on social distancing. If your home is being surveyed, you should ensure the surveyor has access to all the parts of the property they need to inspect and make efforts to minimize contact with the surveyor for example by staying in another room whilst they are inspecting your home.

We encourage all parties involved to be as flexible as possible over this period and follow government advice.

We are doing our best to maintain service as usual, please email resident.sales@newlon.org.uk should you have any concerns and we will support you however we can.

Barnsbury Estate

The Estate Office is closed to the public, but you can continue to contact them to report repairs or other issues by emailing barnsbury@newlon.org.uk or calling 020 7833 2525.

If you have coronavirus or are self-isolating

If you contact us about a repair or appointment please let us know if you have a confirmed case of coronavirus or are self-isolating. We may wish to share this information with any contractors and will discuss this with you when you contact us.

Social distancing measures

Where we are carrying out appointments or meeting with residents or contractors we will follow the latest Government guidelines such as avoiding unnecessary close contact.

We recommend our residents follow updates and advice from the government and NHS about coronavirus.

Further queries

If you have any other questions please contact our Service Centre by emailing customerservice@newlon.org.uk or calling 020 7613 8080.