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Maymuna wins writing competition with ‘Maze’

Tutors United, our Barnsbury-based tutoring programme aimed at children in years 5 and 6, recently held a writing competition. Pupils had to create a piece of fantasy writing about a not-really-monstrous monster and how it helped create positive change in their community.

We are pleased to announce the winning writer was Maymuna, whose story about ‘Maze’ captured the hearts and minds of the judges. This monster’s good deeds help create a better world as he overcomes his own fear in the process.

You can read the story below.

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Maze, by Maymuna

50 years on, still no closer to family or anyone he could call a friend, Maze was a magnetic clumsy monster. He walks alone with his head down, lifting away dead branches and trees that block his path.

Maze is like a magpie, but instead of finding treasure, treasure finds him. You see, Maze is magnetic, he attracts shiny old and new coins, necklaces dropped by thieves, padlocks of cages that once held prisoners and much more. He enjoys picking off different metals from his patch. Maze has always had a patch on his tummy.

Maze is hard to miss, he is seven feet tall, hairy and very orange. If that was not enough, he was fat and spotty with big beady eyes.

If anyone was to see Maze, they’d be extremely terrified. They might even shoot him out of fear. Little do they know how helpful he really is. Everyday, whilst the sun is at its peak and the villagers are taking their afternoon nap, Maze does his duty – picking up trees that have been blown over by the night winds. He tries to do as much as possible before the workers get on with their forest jobs. Lately, there have been more trees falling and Maze is slowing down in planting them back in their holes.

One day, whilst Maze was planting his last tree of the day, a beautiful necklace was caught in the magnetic patch. Almost instantly he heard crying. “Oh my word! I’ve got this little girl’s necklace! How will I give it back?” Maze exclaimed to himself. He was contemplating stepping out of the mighty forest…could he…should he…just this once?